"Allow Me To Double (Even Triple) Your Profit.. FOR FREE"

Darren Veerapa

Melbourne  VIC 3000



Dear Friend,


This is why something this valuable is FREE:

It will only take me 45 minutes, to design a plan to get you some low hanging fruits (virtually immediate cash flow) that most don’t think of.

Because like everyone else, you are extremely focused on running your business.

Fortunately for you, my job is to focus on other people’s businesses. [Automating the heck out of them too!]


And that includes the easiest ways of:

- Getting your business WAY more attention, FAST

- Quickly converting that attention to sales, preferably automatically

- Retaining that attention as well, through automated systems that are [really easy to set up]


Personally, I find this task relatively easy, so there’s no catch. The reasons being:

  1. This has been my area of focus since around 1999
  2. It is also the topic of my current PhD
  3. I have taught this at the Post Graduate level at reputed Universities
  4. I have reviewed over 200 other authors and “Internet Marketing Gurus” to develop these tactics.


Whilst for legal reasons, I cannot promise you the same results as below (or any results for that matter):

- A single one of my automated campaigns can generate up to $14,440 in its first 7 minutes

The lowest measured ROI of one of my 550+ clients was 640%


[I used the same technique to double my business in about 6 weeks]


As you can tell, this plan makes people a lot of money! Quickly!

Once I have laid the plan in front of you, I will give you two choices:


A) If you really love the plan (and everyone so far does), you are free to implement it yourself. I will wish you well and that will be the end of it. You get to keep the plan for free.


B) If you'd like my help to implement the plan, we get started immediately! We will quickly kick some HIGHLY PROFITABLE goals.


- For example, I may show you how to smartly re-engage with past customers and contacts

- We could also automate lead generation for new customers that have never  thought of engaging your services yet


Even Without SEO And Fancy Websites


How to pull in your competitors' best prospects and other untapped segments.

*My own personal reason to offer the latter for free is that I deeply enjoy doing it.


Otherwise, I would not be doing a PhD on this stuff and have dedicated 16 years of my life to it.


[Besides, my research has been published in a variety of well-respected journals.]


My second biggest reason is it’s a sure fire way to attract serious folks that are genuinely interested to increase their profits in a BIG WAY!


If you want these profit growth plans to keep coming, I may then invite you to become my consulting client.


Whilst my fees are $840/month, this will not cost you anything. Strange, right?


That is because I expect you to make considerably more. My lowest measured ROI has been 640% to date.


And, I can give you a strategic plan which will make way more than $840 during our first phone call itself – Absolutely free!



Besides, if you find our 45 minutes session to be a complete waste of your time, I will give you $1200 worth of my best lead generation material. FOR FREE.



Unless I was supremely confident of my abilities, I would not give you something this valuable without asking for a penny!


After all, I’m one of the most respected marketer & copywriter in my segment for a reason.


[There are probably only 2-3 other marketers that can deliver these sorts of FAST results.]


If you would like to deal with someone like me, you have to meet my strict but reasonable criteria:


  • You must be coachable
  • I don't like lazy, get-rich-quick mentalities
  • You must have a reasonably good business already
  • You must have already established a flow of customers – but I don’t need you to be a market-leader or anything like that
  • Good reputation is a must
  • A minimum turnover of $500k
  • And the ability to be able to put together a small mailing list quickly





*Being a business owner, I am sure you can understand that I cannot sustain this way of operating for too long. I can only work with a handful of people at this rate.


So, the spots inevitably fill up  – REAL QUICK.

.. which means I can only keep this offer open for a short while.


If you feel this is what you want, click here to answer a few easy questions.


Please complete it and I will call you personally within the next 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Chat soon,

Darren Veerapa

(CPA, MFin, MPA)

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