If there is one question that all my LinkedIn clients ask me, every single time.

It would be this..

"Do I need to buy LinkedIn Premium?"

Until now (because of the feature I am about to show you), my answer was always.


However, the incompetents (LinkedIn staff) removed this sales-generating feature in the last 24 hours.

The video below will give you some information & let you decide whether Premium is still worth it.

I think it is.. BUT.. you need to see if the work-around suits your business.

Did you know that only 13% of LinkedIn Accounts are actually active?

Although, the premium filters are only about 60% accurate - they still halve your work, prospecting.

But, did you know that about 40% of the people on LinkedIn don't even access the email address - they used to create their LinkedIn Account.

Anyway, as you can tell, it is really hard to therefore get decent response rates - that can converted into sales.. unless you follow my advice in this video.

Oh ..You will need to be logged into LinkedIn.

*The above video is about an advanced feature. Here is a more basic comparison too:

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So, what exactly does that mean for the LinkedIn novice?

We are personlly not too crazy about their advanced search - as most results tend to be innacurate e.g. If you search for "CEO's" of companies that have over 50 employees, it will even bring in retired folks!

That is because 15 years ago, he was the CEO of a startup, that now has 50+ employees - with whom he, sadly, has nothing to do with. 

Also sad is this: most the searches will give you that result. However, it does beat trawling from CEO to CEO yourself.

Considering the sheer volume of profiles (most of which are inactive), it is an impossible task to accomplish that. We are talking about millions and millions of them.

The company alert feature is not bad. The idea is this. 

If one of your target prospects gets featured - you get an alert.. you know like Google Alert (Sigh). Except that, this time, you will have direct access to the decision maker. Then you mention the news article, which shows that you are paying attention. This should have worked.

Except that..

Out of 5,000 prospects, we find we get 5 notifications per day - because it is hard to get featured in the news, as you know. If your conversion-to-sale is 1% (like the best prospectors out there), then every month, you will get a client. 

So, that one, is valuable, if you are selling a high ticket item.

Or if you are after Joint Venture partners. For example, one JV partner is worth about $200k to my business i.e. net.

Lastly, the much sought-after Inmails. This has been the best feature of "Sales Nav" according to some.


The ROI is seriously low unless:

a) Your prospect has more than 1 decision maker

b) You write to all of them, asking for who is the one you should be talking to about your product

c) Do not CC people when you do that

That sweet hack will increase your ROI.

It will open doors you never thought possible before - but you have to follow the above formula.

The person that taught me this cool trick, got the CEO of McDonald and Disney among others.

However, I am not saying that it is only useful when you want to go for Global entities. Basically, this bypasses gatekeepers anywhere there are executives in a business i.e. the mid-size businesses.

*The ones that really matter if you want your clients to have a budget of any sort.


When we were a bigger agency, and we had 26 active profiles, we sent out 36,000 messages in one month.

We got 5 clients, after a bevy of follow up phone calls. We barely made any money at all.

And some of my staff got a downright-bad rep for spamming too.

So.. don't do that, please!

Even LinkedIn does not advertise the fact that it will let invite you just about anyone on LinkedIn, if you pay the Sales Nav premium option.


There are many other ways to get clients and sales on LinkedIn. There is no need to damage your brand unnecessarily.

Or to work that hard, sending thousands of messages and invites.

There are much easier ways - even if you want to go offline.

Here you go - I have kept this as unbiased as possible, so you can make up your mind, based on what your individual business needs.

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